2011 HONDA Sabre Switchblade Concept (Pro Drag)

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Taking the 2010 Sabre, designer Edward Birtulescu (Honda R&D Americas) conceived Switchblade. A racing inspired cruiser that took styling cues from Formula1 and MotoGP. With one look you know that Switchblade is fully committed to precision and performance. Full Carbon fiber dress, racing 3 way adjustable suspension and a single sided swing arm with a 535 chain conversion optimize the single focus of this design, speed. Switchblade has a mass centralized proportion to reinforce this super sport assault.


• Stock frame, VT1300cc engine & tank
• 3way fully adjustable sport suspension
• Carbon fiber custom bodywork & spec seat
• 535 Chain conversion (Before shaft drive)
• Single sided swing arm conversion
• Racing spec calipers & rotors
• Carbon Fiber 18" rear wheel - Front wheel 21" carbon fiber
• Onboard GPS laptimer & data acquisition unit
• Oversize Billet Top and lower bridge
• Air/Box/cleaner Conversion