2011 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight 48

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The all-new Forty-Eight™ is an urban brawler that drips attitude from every element; from the fat, balloon tires to the all-steel peanut tank to the solo seat. Custom touches define this bulldog of a bike. A slammed speedometer, under bar mounted mirrors and 26-inch seat height offer a low profile, while the peanut tank and big 16-inch wheels combine for a menacing look that could only come from Harley-Davidson.

Concept 2015 Harley Davidson Muscle Sportster

The average age of the adherents of Harley-Davidson continues to grow, and brand th as needed infusion of fresh interest. Issue model Sportster Forty-Eight was able to attract some attention to the younger generation, but this is not enough, says designer Travis Clark. Much more effective, in his opinion, would be launched into production of the proposed concept, called Brawler.
If you look at this range of HD, a noticeable similarity between the concept right away with two cameras from the range of the Iron Giant – y relatively sports Sportster concept took the easy and manageable, while the V-ROD – Muscle-image and a powerful engine. The result was downed Muscle Sportster with raised from exhaust and sophisticated suspension (damper on the rear and front).

Victory Motorcycles Recalled for Fuel Pump Issues

Polaris is recalling 2,342 Victory motorcycles because a manufacturing error may cause their fuel pumps to seize. The recall campaign affects the 2013 Hardball, 2013-2014 Cross Country, Cross Roads, Hammer 8-Ball, High Ball, Jackpot, Vegas 8-ball, 2014 Cross Country 8-Ball, Cross Roads 8-Ball and Ness Cross Country and the 2015 Gunner.

Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider 2015

Here’s the 2015 version of the Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider, a bike which retains one of the most iconic H-D designs, blending in a decent amount of custom looks, but without the bulk and bling other bigger models or their fans simply won’t give up.